Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama is reading this blog

In the, "Finally I've discovered a clue department" comes this:

"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Monday offered a fresh package of aid to small businesses — "the heart of the American economy" — in an aggressive push to get big banks that got federal bailout money to do more lending to these struggling entrepreneurs.
"You deserve a chance. America needs you to have that chance," Obama told small business owners gathered in the White House East Room as the administration detailed various steps to get credit flowing to small businesses.

With Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner by his side, Obama said the nation has small businesses to thank for many of the new jobs, roughly 70 percent in the last decade. Geithner said as small businesses prosper, the nation does, a critical element to any economic recovery."

Wow. 70%. You're kidding. Thanks for the number to add to this post, as I didn't know the exact statistic. Isn't this like COMMON KNOWLEDGE for anyone in business older that 22. Too bad they already put so much money into everything else. Trillions for the other 30%. A few billion for the 70%. Makes sense.

And the, "You deserve a chance..." line. Gee, thanks Barack. Thanks for the chance. Couldn't do it without the help of our oldest and dearest friend as entrepreneurs — the US Federal Government. Second only in their generous and unabashed support for small business to large banks.

Stay tuned as we discover that healthy businesses don't need tons of loans to survive, and maybe, just maybe, could simply be supported for their success with either less government interference, or help with things like healthcare costs, or maybe some direct incentives for hiring full-time ... or I don't about ANYTHING at all, now that I think about it.

Until then, the ingenious system of government rewards for failure and tax increases for showing a profit will simply continue. Government doing what it does best — inefficiently spending other peoples' money.

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AllegraUSA said...

"...inefficiently spending other peoples' money." What a great line. I wish I had said it. This blog post was dead on.